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A Better Way to Water

A revolutionary single plant watering device consisting of drip tubing with self-cleaning emitters fused within a geotextile outer covering. The StingRay™ is installed on the surface around trees or shrubs and covered with mulch, gravel, decomposed granite or artificial turf. Every StingRay™ has been engineered to deliver water directly to a plant’s root zone, eliminating waste, reducing evaporation and encouraging healthy plant growth.

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The climate is changing…
It’s time to get serious about water conservation

Why is the StingRay™ Revolutionary?

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    It Saves Water

    The StingRay™ Plant Watering System reduces surface evaporation and delivers precise watering at the root zone of each plant.

    Available in three (3) different sizes to meet an individual plant’s water needs.

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    It Installs Easily

    Whether a brand-new or retrofitted setup, the StingRay™ is designed to work in any environment. Simply wrap the StingRay™ around accent plants, shrubs, or trees, connect to a water supply, and cover with mulch.

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    It's Innovative

    The StingRay’s unique, reusable design disperses water and insulates the soil while allowing air flow to the root zone. The StingRay nails secure the StingRay to the soil and direct water deep into the root zone.

Works with brand-new or existing systems.
Save water, save money, save the planet!

3 Easy Steps to Install


Install around plant



Connect to water source



Cover with mulch, gravel, or artificial turf


Water is our most precious resource.
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11 inch StingRay™

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Detailed Features & Benefits

Saves Water

Irrigates only plant root zone while conserving moisture with multi-layer geotextile covering

Easy Installation

Single point of connection to new or existing drip systems.


Every Stingray delivers consistent and predicable GPH flow rates.

Encourages Plant Establishment

Evenly distributes water throughout the mat, helping to maintain root ball moisture of newly installed plant material.

Improves Plant Health

Allows trees and shrubs to be hydro-zoned based on individual plant requirements.

Trouble Free

Self-flushing drip tubing encased in a non-woven UV resistant polypropylene geotextile fabric.


Three sizes with individual flow rates accommodate different plant requirements.

Cost Effective

Saves labor and material costs over traditional spray or drip irrigation systems.

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As an arborist who specializes in plant health care, the most common issues I encounter in the landscape are underperforming plants due to improper watering, and plant failure from disease as a result of poor watering practices. The StingRay provides good, even water distribution with a reduced risk of destructive disease infections, which is something conventional drip systems can’t do. Water is delivered over the entire surface of the StingRay, rather than from single emitters spaced 12 inches apart along a line. This promotes and maintains good even soil moisture in the rootzone and practically guarantees new plants to become well established. The shape of the StingRay allows it to contour around the root crown at the base of the plant, leaving enough space to allow the root crown to remain dry. A dry, exposed root crown maintains a healthy bark which is critical to preventing destructive disease infections. These crown root infections have become very common in landscape that are operated by conventional drip systems. Emitters of typical drip lines are too often placed on or too close to the plant bases where the resulting persistent moisture weakens the bark and allows pathogens an easy entry point. The StingRay puts the water where it’s wanted by the plant and keeps it away from the sensitive area where it isn’t. From a health and cultural standpoint, it’s a wonderful system that I highly recommend.
Master Arborist | Pasadena, California

The StingRay is the best sprinkler I have ever used. I work in my home garden every day, and it is so easy to install. I took it out of the box, plugged it into my existing irrigation tube, and placed it around the bushes, trees and plants. Done! No moving parts, no assembly, no little pieces. The StingRay is truly “plug and play.” It’s so easy my seven-year-old could set it up. And, it works so well. My garden, vegetables, and fruit trees have never looked so good. That’s because it puts the water where it belongs at the root ball of the plant. I give the StingRay 5 out of 5 stars!
Home Owner | Calabasas, California

Finally, a watering system that can integrate discreetly in an overall design plan and be sensitive to our California water shortage. StingRay is the solution designers have been asking for – excellent water coverage, easily installed and discreet. Mulch, gravel or soil can cover the system and not cause a design headache. Thank you StingRay.
Landscape Designer | Pasadena, California

I came across StingRay Plant Watering System a few years ago and was intrigued as to its application in my practice. With the current regulations in respect to water conservation and usage, it seemed to be a perfect fit and a highly efficient tool in addressing these concerns within my irrigation design. I have been spec’ing StingRays in my irrigation plans for the past few years with very good results. Besides allowing for precise watering at the individual plant, they minimize a lot of the issues with traditional spot irrigation, such as inefficiency, vandalism, maintenance, etc. I have gotten excellent feedback from the landscape contractors as well, in respect to the speed and ease of installation. I have found they are a better way to provide water through the root zone, while doing so at an application rate that meets the criteria of the Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance and any of the local regulations that I have encountered. StingRays have been invaluable tool to my practice, as well as providing a better finished project in the field.
Landscape Architect | Playa del Rey, California

As a homeowner and landlord of many apartments, the StingRay has been a game changer! I can say without hesitation that my landscape has never looked better. StingRay lays flat right around the plant so I have had nothing to repair and there has been no vandalism. My water bills have been reduced because there is no mist, no run-off, no wasted water, and no evaporation. Given the critical need for conservation, I’m surprised that local governments don’t require something like the StingRay. The product is excellently built of quality materials, and still performs the same as it did on Day 1. My landscape looks great and I feel good by helping the planet! The StingRay is a no-brainer.
Commercial Property Owner | Agoura Hills, California

I just wanted to let you know directly how happy everyone at my company is that you turned us on to your new irrigation idea, the StingRay watering system. As a contractor who is used to being underwhelmed by new irrigation products, it’s refreshing when something that seems too good to be true, actually delivers on all fronts! I recently had the client of my very first StingRay installation two years ago in Topanga Canyon, mentioned to me that the thriving Ligustrum privacy hedge we installed along a hot stucco wall was the first successful planting there after two previous failures. We are both convinced that your product applied the water more precisely around the plant and also kept the moisture in longer by covering the root ball. BTW, we also used the smaller StingRays on the 5- gallon plants under the drip line of a large Ash in his front yard with success. I have also found that our project managers always come back to the office with positive feedback after meeting with clients, landscape designers and architects who have been briefed on why we are installing StingRays in shrub and tree areas. The promise of lower water bills through more effective irrigation, and healthier plant material overall, seems to be borne out. Even our irrigation foremen and assistants – who are always set in their ways – understood immediately how and why this product would work and how the easy attachment would save them time vs. a drip system, let alone conventional heads. The ease of installation and lack of trenching on hot LA days definitely made their life easier and our jobs faster. In addition, the StingRay has not had the inevitable call back and, in some cases, replacement of dead plant material at our expense. Obviously, that is a huge and unanticipated savings for a contractor. My only complaint with this product is that you didn’t call me a few years ago to invest.
Landscape Contractor | Calabasas, California

I currently live in Texas on an estate (horse farm) of approximately 14 acres which makes it costly and difficult to irrigate the entire property easily. Other than a few horse water hose outlets, there is no irrigation anywhere on the property other than immediately around the house. We installed approximately 96 Nellie Stevens Holly on areas along my property line. I ordered 100 (few extras) of the StingRay Plant Watering System 22″ size and tied the system into the water hose outlet and added a timer. We applied mulch over the StingRays after the hedge that was planted, which makes them completely undetectable which I love. They have been installed a little over two years now with no problems and the hedge is growing unbelievably fast. We have extreme heat waves in Texas; however, this watering system has kept the Hollies perfectly watered with no run off like I get with drip hose around my boxwood hedge near the house. It is an extremely easy system to install which also saved me money on having to hire a landscaper to do the installation. I would definitely recommend this system and believe it to be the wave of the future for watering plants.
Ranch Owner | Allen, Texas

I was given a sample of the small and medium sizes of this product to test. I have 17 fruit trees and 150 banana plants in my small property in San Clemente, Ca. We are constantly in drought mode so I am always looking for ways to save water. Everything is on drip or soaker hoses. I will convert my entire system to the StingRay product once it comes back to Amazon. My two citrus trees that have the sample StingRays are thriving, they are both on a sloped part of the garden, I do not see any runoff or wasted water. For me this is a wonderful advancement in watering technology.
Homeowner – Amazon | San Clemente, California

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